Thursday, November 4, 2010

Part 4

The rest of the birth story -

It's kind of a sleepless blur. At no time we were worried that MC would change her mind. I was surprised by that. At 11 am we fed the baby for the first time. 24 hours after that he would have a test (PKU i think)(I'm still not sure what that is) after which he and we would be released.

Mr H and I took turns having a shower. We fed and changed him. The nurses said to feed him every 3 hours. We took and made phone calls, we stared at him in wonder, and we tried to catch some Z's. We took him over to see MC and left him there for half an hour or so. C brought him back. Mr H took C home to get a change of clothes and to run some errands. We must have had some supper. I don't remember.

Around 9 pm MC and C came over to kiss the baby good night. MC kept telling him how much she loved him and giving him little kisses. We said "Good night Mama" and she went back to her room to bed. After more feedings and diapers I finally got some good sleep going when I woke up with a start. It was a nurse looming over me at 3 am telling me it was time to feed the baby.

The three of us made it through our first night just fine.

We had to switch rooms because so many babies were being born and the hospital needed our 2 bedded room. We ended up in a triage type room for few hours.

The lawyer emailed telling us what the procedure for the day would be. She'd visit MC and have her sign some papers (appointing the adoption agency as guardian - I think). Then she'd some and see us and have us sign a bunch of paper. A social worker came and spoke to MC about the adoption.

Just after 11 the nurse came to take Baby H for his 24 hour test and for the pictures the hospital takes. MC had asked that we help her get those pictures so we made sure to have him looking his best! He passed the test, they managed to sort of get him to open his eyes for the pictures, and they told us we could stay as long as we needed.

Around 1 the lawyer arrived. We signed lots of paperwork. Then MC, C and the Auntie came over to tell the baby good-bye. It was sweet and tearful. I even got C to hug me. Auntie was shocked! We told them we'd come back to visit after court and before we headed home - which would probably be in a week.

The lawyer made plans to run errands with MC and to give them all rides home. We strapped Baby Love into the car seat and THEY LET US WALK OUT OF THE HOSPITAL WITH HIM!!

That may have been the most unbelievable part of this entire thing!

We headed a couple of hours down the road to wait for our court date. We camped out in a Residenc.e Inn. We had 2 bedrooms and a kitchen. It was perfect for our little family!