Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where to Begin

Pictures are always good right? He loves to go to the Park!

We tried the Easter special downtown. This is his outfit for Easter and for weddings this summer. He has on blue knee socks and saddle shoes, too!

He loved climbing on the packages at Christmas and got into ripping off the paper.

Here's my big boy killing time at the Mall. He was content climbing on it so I didn't put in any quarters.

Big Brother assembled this birthday present for him. Unfortunately, BB brought it out right as we were putting the munchkin to bed. Someone was too excited to sleep and was up hours beyond his bed time!

He is now 18 months old. We have his doctor's appt next week. He's in 18-24 mo clothes. He's going through a growth spurt which has made our nights rough. He's still in our room. I know I know....we're going to move him and us once BB leaves for college in the fall.

This boy loves to eat. Tonight he had a yougurt and cheerios while he watched He LOVES Elmo. LOVES! I am so sick of elmo!

Then once i got dinner ready (a short 45 min later) he inhaled potatoes, onions, and pork roast along with milk. Then he had some cheerios before bed. He didn't nap well today so he went to bed at 7 pm. He's usually in bed by 8 though.

When he's tired he grabs his lovey and his plug and announced "nigh nigh" and heads to the bedroom. He is seriously the easiest going kid ever. I put him in the crib. He falls over forward and that's it.

Today his birthfather got married. His wife is due in 3 weeks. I talked to his birthmother today. I sent her a bunch of baby clothes. She's due in 2 months. I started a family tree maker chart for Junior of his birthfamily using information I can glean from conversations and FB. It makes me immensely sad. I'm not sure why. I want him to "know" but I worry how he'll feel about the information I have for him.

We were going to go South and see them all this winter, but then they got sick, and we got sick , and there were ice storms and we haven't gotten it rescheduled yet. They haven't brought it up again and I haven't mentioned it either.

I'm trying to decide if I want another child or if I'm done. I LOVE babies - Toddlers are another animal though! I don't want Junior to grow up alone - My husband's other kids are a generation older than him but the thought of the whole process AGAIN and The Wait is just so daunting.

Last month I quit my job to stay home fulltime - I only worked 22 hrs a week but it was still something. My job was changing though and was less enjoyable. My husband's job changed and requires 2 or so weeks of travel a month. I decided with a 17 mo old, a 17 year old and a 19 year old at home I could be home too! Junior still goes to the sitter's twice a week for socialization (and his mama's sanity). I'd say it's working out well.

What do you guys want to know? Is anyone still out there? Maybe I can justify time to blog now. I have to admit it's been so long that i lost this post a few times!

Pictures are always good right?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I have a Toddler!

heath had his 1 year appointment. He's 30.5", 24.6 lbs. He has 8 teeth and 3.5 molars. He's a loving, eating, screeching machine! The doctor wants me to take away his bottle, his paci, and his formula. yikes!

His birthfather has reached out to us in the days leading up to his birthday. C said how much he loves him and misses him. How hard it was and is to make an adoption plan. He says he's knows Heath has the best parents possible and that helps the hurt. I was very glad to hear from him. I've been saving pictures and letters for him. I took this picture for him because he loves to hunt!

I want another baby but the fucking I.R.S is making it impossible!! Oct 23 is our next "hear from them" date.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

one month short of a year

i cannot believe Heath is almost a year old! time flies. WE've had a very rough month. On the 11th he feel backward off a little baby chair about 6 inches off the ground. With his height it was probably a total of 3 feet. We let him lay there a few seconds to make sure nothing was broken. He let out about 5 seconds of crying. then flipped himself onto his knees and took off in his crab crawling style!

Fastward 3 hours. to 8 pm We fed him 8 oz and put him to bed. 30 minutes later he woke up vomiting. He's never puked before. ever. We didn't think much of it until he threw up again with in 15 minutes. We called the doctor's nurse. They said anytime a child hits their head and then throws up within 4 days they should be seen. We loaded him up and headed to the ER about a half hour away. He threw up twice more on the way up there. By the time it was all said and done he threw up 15x!

He got a CT scan (no cracks, fractures, or bleeders). They finally managed to get an IV in his arm - which he kept trying to yank out. He got saline and anti-naseua meds. We finally got to a room at 130 am. He and I spent the night. In the morning the doctor came around. Pronounced a concussion and sent us on our way. It was a scary night!

Then last week I got a call from the sitter that he had a fever of 102. Also something he's never had. That was on Tuesday. He wasn't fever free until Sunday! He had no symptoms other than a fever of between 100-102. Poor guy was crabby crabby crabby. The doctor said it was a virus... possibly hand foot and mouth disease. He never did develop any sores (yay!). BUt he does have 4 new teeth!

Now that we are finally over the fever he has a diaper rash making him look like a red butted baboon. Very little sleep has been had around these parts.

He's now 11 months old. I cannot believe it! Today, he waved bye-bye independently. Now he waves at everyone including the dog. He loves to chase the dog around the ottoman shrieking the entire time. he creeps along everything - actually more like speeds. He likes to hang on with just the littlest of grips. He loves anything electronic or valuable.

He's an eating machine. Devouring puffs and crunchies. He likes to have a crunchie in each hand. He'll bit one in half visciouly and while crushing the one in his other hand to dust. He's adorable. I love him to bits!!

I want another one!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Eye Candy of the Junior Mint

One of my nicknames for his is "The Junior Mint".

On this morning I noticed my son is GIGANTIC!!! Where did my baby go??

I spend my days separating him and the dog. They just want to love on each other but it ends with one or both of them getting PO'd! Plus nothing is as much fun as a dog toy right?

His last month's birthday portrait. Attitude all the way! He ripped off his sock and flipped up his collar!

Is he going to bite me or kiss me? It's hard to tell. LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's been forever

I know. I'm a horrible blogger. Heath is 10 mo now. He's creeping along the sofa and anything else that is nailed down. He can pull himself up. He's not yet taking independent steps. He does this crab crawl where he has his right leg up. He can REALLY move!

The dog is terrified. They're about the same size. Heath has a snotty face cold. Several times yesterday the dog was trying to lick him clean. I had to separate them. Of course if I tried to get snot off his face he screamed bloody murder. The dog though? Peals of laughter.

He's got his two bottom teeth and his top four front teeth. He's working on more. I think it's two more on top!

He's an eating machine. He loves the Ger.ber crunchies and orange foods. He's not real excited about mixes of stuff. From the way they smell I can't blame him.

His birthmom has moved with no forwarding address. We're still FB friends so I follow her on there. I'm putting pictures and letters in an envelope for her for if/when we see her again. I'm tagging photos for her and she hasn't been untagging herself.

We went to a bank dinner last night. Old high school friends of my parents were there. They have 4 adopted children. They used Cath.olic Charities in the late 60's and early 70's. They went and met with someone for the diocese for about an hour or so. Then they waited. And a few months later they had a newborn. SEriously. I think the way it is now is MUCH better. ONe of their children (that she mentioned) is in contact with her birth grandmother. The birth parents refused to see her or have contact with her after she wouldn't list them as grandparents in her son's baptism program. I find it interesting how many people I know that are touched by adoption that I never knew.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


We went to Maine. It was awesome. Heath did great on the plane. Not a peep. He charmed everyone along the way.

We are so blessed!