Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update #2

Nothing new to report. We've had two letters go out so far this month. Of the 11 to 13 moms we've already been profiled to she said none of them have made a choice for or against anyone.

C also said a bunch of new adds are dropping this month. She said October was kind of slow but it looks like November is going to be booming judging from the activity she's already had in the first 10 days.

A day last week was really strange to me. I think it was wed or thursday. Baby Mac finally arrived, a friend with PCOS was unable to conceive and whose medical condition was so bad IVF couldn't even be attempted (who has 2 adopted kids) gave birth to her biological child, and an internet friend had a match fail. All in the same day! Adoption and infertility is a strange, strange world.


  1. I agree...it's crazy what happens sometimes. Although I'm aware that anything can happen I hate when we tell people we're adopting and they tell me about so and so who adopted and now has three biological chilren...etc. That is very rare!

  2. No news is not necessarily bad news...that's a lot of potential emoms who have yet to make a decision. Hope your wait ends very soon:)