Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Choice!

I am VERY happy with our facilitator, C. She called today because she knows the holidays can be tough. She wanted to wish us a happy holidays, find out if we had any travel plans that might affect being able to contact us (ha!), and give us a mini update. We went active Aug 9th. We've been shown 14 times. Four of those were new emoms. Only one of them has made a match with anyone. I guess I d0n't need to call her for an update this month!

My birthday party was lovely :-) I spent yesterday in a bed. We had a heck of a good time packed into 4.5 hours! Now we're currently waiting to see if we're getting this blizzard that is predicted. It's to start after midinght tonight. 100% of snow for Tuesday with 6 - 13" of snow by Wednesday night with 40 mph winds. I better check our grocery supply!


  1. Your facilitator sounds great! How thoughtful of her to give you a call. I would say that having your profile shown 14 times in 4 months is really good! Good to hear that you had a good time at your party. I am not jealous of the snow coming your way. Hope it's not as bad as predicted...holy cow!

  2. I'm not really familiar with the process of using a facilitator, since we are with an agency, so I don't know what an emom is. But getting shown so much is great! Our agency hasn't had a ton of moms come through the past couple of months, but they are working with several right now and I am praying that a match might be coming soon. That would be awesome.

    Oh, and I am a PCOSer too. Took Clomid and other stuff on and off for two years and ZIP! Nothing.

  3. Sissy ~ Emom (expectant mom) is same as birthmom. I read on a blog of a birthmom that she didn't like being referred to as BM (you know cuz of the #2 kind of bms)and that kind of stuck with me so know I go with Emom.

    The facilitator baciscally puts us in contact with emom's. The money we pay her is used for advertising adversting advertising. Ours also has counseling available. We couldn't find an agency with which we were comfortable :-)

  4. How wonderful that they reached out to you during the holidays. Holidays are the WORST when it comes to the wait!

  5. Well, both times we got the call was on the way out of town, so you never know :) Happy Birthday! hope you weren't hit too badly by the snow.