Thursday, June 18, 2009

Final Draft

The final draft is at the facilitator. She has to approve it then we need to add images (some of which still need to be taken) and make 50 copies.

We leave on another trip Saturday morning. I don't mean to sound blase about it. I'm very fortunate and lucky to be getting to go so many places and see so many things. I just really wanted all this crap taken care of before we left. (Patience is NOT my best known trait - neither is being positive). Oh well.

Babies are being born all over the place. That's good right? It's just not our baby. Maybe ours is being conceived now....drunken, hot summer nights and all :-)

We're back in time for the 4th. Good thoughts for all of you out there in blogland!


  1. You're really making progress. That's great! Have a fun trip.

  2. Wow! That's a lot of copies! I thought 20 was a lot!! I hope your trip is good and that you are able to enjoy your time away. You are right! Maybe your baby is being conceived at this very moment...and your paths are being drawn together at this very moment. It's a nice thought. :)