Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Lovely Blog

Karen at Cliobaby was nice enough to give me this award! Too cool :-) I've sat on it for a week or more though without following up. I'm supposed to link to 15 other blogs I read. I think for the most part I read the same blogs everyone else does.....Karen has been a huge help in our adoption journey. From reading her story to helping us compose (and edit and edit and edit) our birthmother letter she's really made this process much easier.
I find myself checking in daily with the following ladies....especially now that many of them are mommies or are matched:
There's Charlie's mamma, Melba.
And Janna with little babies just 5 months apart!
Then there's Bri and her adorable sweetie girl, R.
This next woman makes me laugh. I think we're lots a like! I'd love to sit on Charlotte's mom's porch and have a visit. Of course Erica and her unfolding story with their birthmom is the latest blog to have me on pins and needles! Also, Debra keeps me in stitches as she is TTC.
There's a just a few of the ladies I think of as friends. I got another award recently, too. As soon as I figure out who did it I'll post some more links :-)


  1. Darn you! Another one of my bloggy friends tempting me with new blogs to read. I don't have time, I swear...I...oh, OK. :)

  2. Aww! Thanks for mentioning me! It's so much fun to have people to share this crazy adventure with! XOXO

  3. Ahhh, thanks! You are welcome to sit and laugh anytime!

  4. This blogging community is great...and I think you're correct in saying that everyone pretty much reads the same ones lol. Instead of seven, it's like "TWO degrees of separation" in the adoption blogosphere...