Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Darn Close

We are so darn close to ready to be presented. The letter is on its way to the printer. I think it's also getting formatted for being online.

Mr H gets home from a 2 week business trip today.

OH and I got my period spontantously yesterday for the first time in YEARS. I was so sick of taking pills that I went off my bc when we got back from our first vacation. It seems pointless to pay all that money to prevent me...the PCOS queen....from getting pregnant. Actually that's not why I'm on them but i was just tired of it. Ugh. Here very shortly I'll be restarting meds and reevaluationg my lifestyle...but just not yet. Just getting my period is upsetting. It's pointless! It's like it's laughing at me saying "i'm going to cause you pain, ickiness and discomfort just because I can! ha!"


  1. Yeah! Congrats! We are same boat just trying to find the best deal on printing those things are expensive! Who knew??

  2. That's exciting about the letter! Periods suck...