Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm still amongst the living. I'm still childless. I'm still ok :-)

We've been staying in. It's freakin' cold. We went to It's Complicated today. We really enjoyed it.

Has anyone seen Precious? I can't do it. I also can't watch the MTV adoption show though I caught a little of it the other night. I very quickly changed the channel.

We went to SD to my in-laws over Christmas. I'm working on embroidering a baby blanket. My MIL asked "who's that for". Nice. It wasn't malicious. It just isn't part of their consciousness. Overall we had a lovely visit. My almost 8 year old nephew is hilarious, loud and adorable. We were betting on UNO and bingo. He went "all in".

I hope you all had decent holidays. I've decided I will just be like that river in Egypt. Denile Denile Denile works for me!!


  1. just thought I would stop by and say hi....we are in the same boat and funny enough we went to see It's Complicated today
    it is great to take your mind off reality with mindless movies like that....we liked it too..

    heres to 2010 and all our hopes and dreams becoming a reality!


  2. It;s freaking cold here too! We had a pretty good holiday season. Happy 2010 to you.

  3. We are also still "waiting". Hang in there and best hopes for 2010!

  4. Betting on Uno...glad we are not the only ones :). Cold here too...walked to church today in -4 degrees...BRRR...

  5. Best wishes for 2010! I'm scared to see Precious as well...I'll wait for it on DVD and watch it at home I think. I'm curious about the MTV show you mentioned. I haven't heard of it, what's it called? Cheers.

  6. Karen I'm not sure of the name of the show. Maybe Teenage and pregnant?