Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So easily disappointed

Got a call today. The caller id said "blocked". The ONLY blocked calls we get are from C, our facilitator. Well, it used to be those were the only blocked calls we got. It was the plumber :-(

Oh well. I'm feeling better. Mr H and I celebrated our wedding anniversary over the weekend with a lovely room in a historic hotel. We ate ourselves silly and spent did some relaxing in the deep and spacious jetted tub. He planned it all :-)

As he says "I am a lucky (wo)man!"


  1. So sorry it wasn't your facilitator calling you! Our agency also shows up restricted so I'll be freaking out before answering that call. Hopefully it's not a plumber. ;-)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your husband rocks for planning that great weekend:)

    Ugh about the phone call. I wish that I would stop looking at the home phone caller ID, thinking briefly that "this could be it!". I can't wait to read the news that you did receive THE CALL. I'm hoping for you that it's very, very soon.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Sounds like you gotta a keeper. :)

    I'm so sorry about the call. Our agency shows up as "Private" and I get nervous every time I see that show up on our phones. Even now...but for different reasons. Now I think, "Oh now...something's wrong. They are calling to say she's fighting for custody." I guess there's always something.


  4. Happy Anniversary! I know that feeling of disappointment well...sometimes the "bat phone" will ring and it's just a wrong number :-( I'm hoping THE CALL comes soon for BOTH of us!

  5. Happy anniversary Mr. & Mrs. H! How sweet of your hubby to plan a romantic weekend! Can he call my hubby? Haha!!!

    Your call will come! Chin up! :)