Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just keeps getting better

So the (formerly) pregnant girl i'm w0rking for while she's on maternity leave came in today with her 10 day old baby son.


I had started coughing about an hour before so it gave me a great reason to not go anywhere near the little bugger.

I kept looking at him and I just can't imagine myself having one.


  1. I understand where you are coming from. I feel ugh when I see my step daughter with her baby.

  2. That would be difficult for sure. Knowing that I could be dealing with these situations makes me so happy that I work with a bunch of old guys. ;-)

  3. :) I am laughing... When my coworker brought in her daughter, I told her to stay away for I didn't feel all that well.

    Sometimes it is just better to avoid the difficult situations...run away!

  4. It's not easy seeing that. I have 3 preggo co-workers and one today was complaining about her pregnancy today. I told her to be thankful and she shut up (kind of). Good idea to start coughing, especially if you're not feeling up to oohing and ahhing.

    It does seem very surreal...it's been so long that we've been trying, I can't imagine ever being a mom.

    Hang in there...your day is coming soon.

  5. I hear ya! My boss's boss (who I dislike ALOT) brought her one month old in while she was on maternity leave and stayed with him the entire day. Every time someone walked past my cubicle with him I refused to turn around. It was torture.

    But you WILL have your own baby...that's the beauty of adoption!!! My latest motto is good things come to those who wait...and suffer, haha!

  6. Hang in there....I know it's tough. I'm dreading when my co-worker who just went out on maternity comes in with her baby. You WILL be a mom....hold onto that hope!