Thursday, April 8, 2010

I can't take it!

I'm at work. The woman I'm filling in for is in here with her 6 weeks old son COMPLAINING!!

Other girls are talking about who should have one next.

I'm hiding out in my cube.

It's 10:33 I don't know if i'll make it till noon.

Mr H and I are headed to NYC for the weekend. Shall we call it my babymoon?? HA!


  1. I think if they ask you to your face if you'll be next, you should just say "F*ck you!". I bet that would feel good. :-)

    So trying. I'm sorry your having to deal with that. The label "insensitive morons" is quite appropriate. Have fun in the big city!

  2. You and I are on similar paths my dear; I can no longer take it either...and the solution is heading out!

    Last night, I took the step to visit a therapist. I thought it might help. HA! Turns out she has two adopted kids and just wouldn’t stop talking about her experience. Ughgh...this isn’t’s torture!

    Enjoy, WE DESERVE IT!

  3. I'm sorry your coworkers aren't being more sensitive. I still get comments like that (" this and they say you'll get pregnant..."). People just don't think. I have an arsenal now of quick comebacks so I'm not taken off guard. Hang in there...It's like seeing all your friends get married. Feels like it's taking you forever to find Mr Right...but eventually you do. :) It's just a long path there.


  4. Earplugs would be a great thing to have as standard issue, wouldn't they?

    It never does end, you know. Once dating/engaged/married/parents, there's always something else stupid people say to irritate the living shit out of you. ;)


  5. Having pregnant/new mom co-workers can really be freaking annoying. Ugh. I have one who is due next month and I'm counting the days until she goes out on leave...I feel bad for writing that, but all she does is complain and rub her belly. And it's not just me who is annoyed by her either, so I feel justified in my feelings;)

    I was at a party last night and one of the women there I found out is pregnant with her 4th. She had her 3rd child less than a year ago, so I had to listen to her bitch about that.

    Hope you had fun in NYC!