Saturday, October 30, 2010

One month old

My Dear Little Squeaker -

You're One Month old now! I can't believe it! It's been the best month of my life hands down so far! Papa and I love love love you and can't remember life before you arrived!

We spent the first 10 days of your life in Arkansas where you were born and where your birthparents live. They love you very much, too!

While we were in Arkansas we visited The Clinton Library, the Central High School National Historic Site, the State Capitol, and the Art Museum. Papa and I ate lots of catfish and bar-b-Que while we were there.

You went to your first restaurant which was the Woodfire Grill. Uncle K, Aunt J and the boys took us out when they came to see us in Little Rock. You weren't impressed, sleeping the entire time.

Big Grandpa and Grandma G came to see us in Arkansas and went to the Finalization hearing with us.

On October 8, 2010 at 10:10 am you became ours forever!! You slept through that as well.

You sleep a lot. At first you slept almost constantly. You don't fuss much. When you're upset or getting hungry you make little squeaking noises. Now that you're a month old you're awake a couple of hours a day. You like to look around. The ceiling fan and lights are your favorite things to look at.

You're eating 4 oz of formula consistently. It takes about 45 minutes to feed and burp you. Papa and I usually do a diaper change in the middle to wake you up and get you to finish your bottle. Some days you are super hungry and we have to give you 2 more ounces.

You're not a puker and you don't spit up very often. Although, you did get Mama good today while we were at Grandma G's. You gulped down your bottle in 10 minutes, then burped and puked it all over my shoulder, my back, and Grandma's chair! I had to wear one of Grandma's sweatshirts home!

Loud noises and being cold are your least favorite things in life.

I call you "Squeaker", "Punkin" or "the Lump". Papa calls you "Little One". We both call you "Francis" sometimes which is the dog! That's just because he was our baby for so long before you arrived and it slips out when we aren't thinking about it.

Francis wasn't sure what to think about you at first. He's a little bit jealous and will want to sit on our laps or next to us when we are feeding you. He likes to lay on your playmat and make the things that hang down jingle and rattle. If I'm not paying attention he'll try to lick your head!

When you were born you weighed 6 lbs 13.1 oz and 20 inches long. At your one week check up you were still the same length but you were up to 7 lbs 4 oz! AT your 2 weeks check up you weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and were 20.5 inches long. You're just a little guy! You're in the 10-25% for weight; the 50th percentile for length; and with a head circumference of 13.25" you're in the 5th to 10th percentile.

Your hair is getting darker. You have a swirly, counter-clockwise cowlick on the back of your head. Your eyelashes and eyebrows are very, very faint and just starting to come in.

Your cheeks are starting to get chubby. I love to kiss them when I'm burping you. You love to sleep with your hands up by your face or with both arms thrown above you head. When you're in that position I say you must be French because you surrender to everyone!

Right now you are sleeping in the bassinet in Papa and Mama's room. During the day we'll put you on the couch or love seat with a pillow to keep you from rolling off. You can't roll over yet but you really, really want to do so! You've been trying to since you were 1 day old! You're never very far away from us.

It's not necessary to rock you, bounce you, or sing to you to get you to go to sleep. You're really the most mellow and easy going baby. You hardly ever fuss. If you are fussy people that don't know you don't notice because your fussy is most babies' "good" behavior!

Papa and I love you very much! MC and C love you very much! We're so very glad you are here!




  1. Glad to hear you are all doing well!

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