Monday, October 25, 2010

Part 3

So. There sat Mr H and myself with a baby. our baby. a real, live baby. OMG. It was really weird. We wrapped the little guy up like a burrito and sat there. Mr H went down to the cafeteria to get some food. All through the pregnancy MC had been raving about the food at this hospital. How great it is. How happy she was to be giving birth there because of the great food.

IT was awful! LOL. I went down later and got something else. I ran into the anesthesiologist who delivered Little H. He had on a lightning McQueen scrub cap (the only reason I recognized him). He asked how the little guy was doing. Said he was beautiful and congratulated me again. "That was fun!" he said, "I don't often get to deliver babies!"

I got back upstairs. I showered. Mr H called some family. I felt sooo much more human after that shower. Mr H took a shower. I poked Little H to make sure he was still alive. I texted my best momma friend saying I just poked him! She laughed at me and said, "there's nothing like holding your heart in your hands is there Mama?"

I love her! Her comments and her congratulatory Voicemail is what finally made me cry. I mean I got teary and misty when Little H was born but it was just too much, too surreal. I couldn't fathom it. Yet, now, here i was...holding my child. Who was and is and will be totally dependant on me for a long long time.

Mr H and I tried to get some rest. They told us we'd need to feed him every 3 hours. Those beds are dang uncomfortable.

We wheeled him back over to see the birth parents. We got MC a necklace. It's a key and symbolizes Little H being the key to our hearts and hopefully the key to their future. She loved it. She wears it constantly. I see it in pics of her. The visit didn't last too long. She was still in pain and very tired.

Later she texted and said her sister wanted to see him. Her sister came to our room. We tried to make small talk. We agreed it was "weird".

She said "ya'll were always the ones. She looked at all those books. She looked at yours first and said it was you. She kept looking at other books but said 'nope it's the first ones'. It was always ya'll."

I thanked her for being supportive of MC. The baby started fussing. I said, "What'd you think Baby Love? Do you need changed? Do you want Aunt MC to do it?"

Tears instantly sprang to her eyes, "You'll let him call me Aunt MC?" she asked in disbelief.

Of course! Y0u're his Aunt MC after all! We're family now." I smiled at her.

Then the two of us gazed at Baby Love in wonder.


  1. Congrats!! On the adoption of your baby boy. I do have to ask though, why did you have the baby with you in the hospital? Was that his Mother's wishes? I mean you have him forever and she doesn't.

  2. Very sweet! Hope everything is going well...keep us updated.

  3. Birthmothertalks - Yes, us having him in our own room was absolutely what she wanted. She said she was worried about "getting too attached" if he stayed in her room. If she had changed her mind and wanted to keep him in her room she would have been able to do so. She was very concerned that we able to bond with the baby. During the 5 day TPR waiting period we physically had him with us but an adoption agency was his temporary guardian. When she read that in the paperwork she threw a fit because she was concerned he wouldn't be placed with us from birth. She very much wanted him to be with us. We spent a lot of time wheeling him back and forth so she or other family members/friends could meet him and spend time with him. We've tried to honor her wishes throughout this entire process. After finalization we went back to their city for a night before heading home so that could see him again and more family members could meet him. Thanks for the question!

  4. I love the necklace idea! And more cute pics, keep them coming :)