Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a Date

Our first home visit is scheduled for April 10th at 12:30. The kids don't have school since it is good Friday but the Boy has a soccer game that afternoon. The SW is going to do the safety inspection and meet the kids so that they know her a little bit before she has to interview them. I could have scheduled it sooner but I have my licensing exam (BIG DEAL) test on the 7th and need to concentrate on studying first.

We had callbacks from the references provided by the facilitator we're considering when we returned home. Mr. H talked with one of them. They had glowing reports about the facilitator. They had been trying to adopt for a long time. 1st through an attorney, then through a Christian agency ( I think it was for 2 -3 years) then finally with the facilitator. Within 3 months they had a baby in their arms! I realize that's an anomaly but it continues the good feeling I have about this lady and her company.


  1. That is good news! It's a good feeling when the 1st one is scheduled and the ball rolling.

    Keep us posted!

  2. You're moving along...that's great to hear! Best of luck!