Tuesday, July 7, 2009


i feel nothing but apathy toward this adoption process at this point. I hope it's just because I'm sick and exhausted.

I emailed our corrected draft of our letter to the facilitator on june 16th. Yesterday I emailed her to let her know we were home and to find out what's next. She said she was waiting to receive our letter. UGH.

I re-emailed it (to the same address). She's reviewed it, made notes, and will call me today. woo hoo. not.

tell me this is just a phase.


  1. It is a phase. Like infertility, the adoption process is a roller coaster. Hang in there :)

  2. I second what RB said. It's a phase. There are good days and bad days...just seems like the hard days are harder since we kind of feel "alone" in the journey. But you aren't. :) Hang in there. Each piece of paperwork brings you closer to a child.