Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Looks like we may have finally made a good choice. I've been in daily voice and email contact with our facilitator...C..(from here on out). I think we've finally gotten enough pictures to her that are action packed and loving enough! I still have this sinus crap lingering so I'm having her turn it over to her graphic artist. Saving myself a headache sounds like a great plan!

I'm getting excited about adoption again rather than crying about the hoops and frustrations. I need to have a talk with my mom about adoption. She caused me to cry when we were in Europe. She just doesn't get it. My a new camera and is taking crazy amount of pictures with it...he happened to catch a picture of Mr H comforting me as I was crying. Lovely. There'sa vacation memory i'd like as an 8 x 10 ...NOT!

Babies and calls seem to be happening all over! let's hope it rubs off on the rest of us!


  1. Amen to that.

    Glad to hear you're pulling out of your malaise. Welcome back! :)


  2. I gave my parents a book about the adoption process because they didn't seem to 'get it'. They're supportive but it is totally foreign to them. Anyway, the book is called "Adoption is a Family Affair!" by Patricia Irwin Johnston. It's supposed to be geared towards extended family, particularly grandparents. Maybe that would help to start the discussion...

  3. I'm glad your facilitator is working well with you and that you are up on the upswing of the roller coaster! I hate it that your family is not being more supportive for you. I'm so sorry.