Sunday, September 19, 2010


At 1o pm Wed night MC called. she sounded slightly hysterical to me. She was crying a little. They couldn't decided if she was in labor or not. One nurse would tell her she was, the next one would say she wasn't. I asked if we should come to her. I reminded her it's a 10 hour drive for us. She said she didn't know. they were supposed to check her in 10 mins and she'd let us know.

Talk about a long 1o minutes. She didn't call back. I looked at Mr H. He looked at me. I said "should we just go?" He said, "yup." We told the teenagers, we called the pound. At 10:47 pm we were on the road.

We didn't hear from her all through the night.

We got to her town and got checked into our hotel.

I texted her. She replied she'd gotten sent home at 345 am. They'd gotten the contractions to stop (she had been at a minute and a half). The pain was from the baby being in position and ready to go. She's dilated to 2cm. Baby is fine. They moved her due date from 0ct 18 to Oct 12.

I told her we were in town. she apologized for not having the baby! She was shocked (and relieved) that we were there. She said she had to get some sleep. That the medicine was kicking her butt. We said we needed to sleep, too, after our drive.

She ended up sleeping through her appointment with her lawyer about TPR.

We ended up going out for supper with her and the birthfather. We really like them. They are good people. They are smart. And funny. They just haven't had much of a chance in life. We made plans to take MC to her ultrasound the following day and to run some errands with her. B, the birthfather, asked that if they induced her could we pick him up from work so he could be there. Of course, we could do that. He then preceded to make sure that we could get from her apt to the hospital; from the hospital to his work; and back to the hospital.

The next morning MC ended going to the doctor early so we didn't need to take her to the appointment. She's no more dilated. He told her to walk, walk, walk. We decided to head home. We were very glad we went even though we didn't really need to be there. It gave us more time with our baby's parents. That alone made the trip worthwhile. MC thanked us for being there and "for being so supportive". That made me sad...if our little trip down there was supportive...poor girl.

We then made the long trip home. I'm excited for the baby to arrive. I would, however, appreciate a little down time before the next long drive!


  1. That is a whirlwind indeed and you are good people to jump in the car and head 10 hrs not knowing what was in store.

    It seems it may be like this, up/down/up/down, until baby arrives but I hope it doesn't involve additional overnight car rides until the BIG day.

  2. Whoa! I hope the next time you make that 10 hour drive home it's with a car seat in the back seat! :)

  3. That was awesome of you to head over! After chewing on the post for the day (it got busy), it probably had a salutory effect on MC and B because you both showed you are committed and do care, very very much.

    Fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted.

  4. What a crazy trip! FX'd she makes it a little longer.

    p.s. About the shower, yeah, it's nice to have all the baby gear ready to go but it wasn't good timing for me. I think when you're adopting there almost isn't a good time. But you should definitely have a party when you bring the baby home!