Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Meeting

Big sigh of relief. It went well.

However, it didn't start well. At 630 am (while we were still 5 hours away) We got a text saying the birthfather was going to be there, too. Which is fine. BUT really? you didn't know this before 630 am of the day we're meeting?

So we continue to drive. Then an hour before we get there we get another text saying they're going shopping and it'll be another couple of hours. We were glad to have the extra time to rest but we both got the feeling that it was going to get cancelled altogether. I HATE what infertility and the adoption process does to a person. you just think negative all the time. At least we do.

When finally got the call that they were back and we headed over. Her apt is cute. She was very anxious to show it too us. I got a hug from her. Mr H got a handshake. The four of us ended up talking for 2.5 hours. We've made breakfast and some sight seeing plans with them for in the morning.

Mr H and I located the hospital and we stopped at a half dozen hotels to find one that will work for us for a week or 2 stay.

There were still some contradictory things that were said but I think some of it comes from pregnancy brain and I think most of the rest is from her being hormonal and working herself up into a state of total pissed off and then not remembering what she's said.

We both feel a lot better now that we've met.

Hopefully the rest of the wait will be much much better!


  1. I am so glad that things went well. I can't imagine how nerve wracking this part of the process has been for you and your husband.

    That sweet baby of yours will be worth it.

  2. How exciting and terrifying too. What a relief that you've met and things went well. Good luck!!