Saturday, January 1, 2011

3 months old!

He smiles til the preflash goes...then i get this grumpy look!

They're getting used to each other! I call this "Two Poopers on the Couch"

I love this hat! He's not really ever very grouchy, though!

Heath was not too sure about his first bath fully in the sink. He had been just laying him on one of those giant sponge things and scrubbing him off that way. He's longer than the sponge now, however!

Here's my little chubba lubba on his 3 month birthday! He's unofficially 18.5# and 25 inches long! He doesn't have another doctor appointment until Feb 1.
His birthmom and I recently came to the brilliant idea of her tagging herself in FB pictures that she wants! It's been way easier than guessing which ones she might like.
I am so happy to be Heath's mommy! I cannot believe how quickly he is growing and changing! It's really too bad the waiting didn't go this fast :-)


  1. But if the waiting went that fast- you wouldn't have Heath, you'd have a different child. Clearly by his happy smiles, this child was meant to be with your family. He is gorgeous... in a manly sort of way, of course ;)

  2. What a handsome, happy little guy. So glad you have this joy going into the New Year.

    Happy MMXI!

  3. Sweet, sweet baby! Love the photos!