Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Calm

Things are calm currently. No calls from the lawyer. No calls from the emom. No news is good news it appears. Although she does have the flu. Apparently, Medicaid only pays for 3 prescriptions a month so we helped with some meds for her. A few days letter and it appears she's feeling better.

I got a exer.saucer from my sister's neighbor for $15 and a couple of outfits. We had a coupon for plus hit a buy one get one sale and got some bottles. We are also the "proud" owners of two packs of diapers, some wipes and a few other things. The crib is arriving this week. We got a crib mattress Friday night. I feel confident in saying if he arrived tomorrow we'd be prepared (except emotionally of course :-).

I'm really enjoying getting people's congratulations and how excited everyone is for us.

Does anyone have any adoption/story type book recommendations? I know I've read them on other blogs but I haven't had much lucky finding posts I remember.

We're going to see the emom over labor day. Advice? Is this a gift bearing occasion? Anyone? I guess I have the next week to obsess over that.

Our baby is due in now less than 2 months!!


  1. I got the book "I wished for you" by marianne richmond and "Over the Moon"by Karen Katz. I found when shopping for them though, you really have to read them and see if you are comfortable with the language and references to things that you may or may not have in your particular story. Over the moon especially talks about traveling to get the child (works for domestic or international) and being in the hotel etc.

    Enjoy your nesting!

  2. We like "The Day we Met You" and we also show Evie pictures of her birth parents and pictures of her birth day and tell her her own adoption story. Some of the popular adoption stories out there are a little too advanced for her reading level at this point, so I don't have any favorites of those yet.

    I'm happy to hear everything is calm right now!