Saturday, August 7, 2010

Budget Shortfall

I'm looking at our adoption line of credit. I see there is 3k left on it. The adoption itself...courts costs, all the legal stuff is going to be $6,600. NICE. I realize that we have a relatively cheap adoption but STILL. Good grief! I'm really starting to get panicky about money. It just seems wrong to put a kid on a credit card...that's probably what will happen though.

As a bonus..he's being born toward the end of the year so we'll get that deduction sooner which is pretty awesome.

I just talked to the emom. She was in a great mood. Telling me how much she loves the apartment. How much she's looking forward to us coming to see her. She wondered if we'd told people. I said, "Yes, our friends and family know that we're probably having a baby in October." She was glad of that and replied (forcefully) "I want y'all to know I'm not backing out of this."...Your words to God's ears my girl!

The kids got home last night. Not much deprogramming has been necessary. Throwing out of shoes and clothing that are beyond filthy, smelly and destroyed...yes. We got hair cuts and school shopped today. Tomorrow, we leave for a week's vacation in AZ. Grand Canyon here we come!

Dang! Now that I'm thinking about it some of you blog buddies of mine are down that way!!

Today is a good day.

I got the cutest, stinking outfit on sale at K.ohls today! It's a plaid button down shirt onesie with corduroy pants!! I'm seriously out of control. I'd post a picture if my cameras weren't already packed.

AAACK!!! I almost posted this on my family blog! I went to put in the labels and thought "these are weird". Preoccupied much?

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  1. Ahhh...the $$$ aspect of adoption. Not fun. I know you know this, but it will all be worth it.