Friday, May 15, 2009

Annoyed II

I just got my fingerprints redone. After my 3rd trip to the Sheriff's office today. I got home. I'm filling out the card. I realize I FORGOT TO HAVE THE DEPUTY SIGN THE FING THING!! I can't believe it (actually I can). He's done for the day. I'll have to go back next week. It's a smalltown he should remember that he did it. Otherwise I'll probably have to do it AGAIN which means I'll have to get another set of cards from the SW which will mean another delay! UGH!!


  1. For heaven's sake, why does it have to be so hard? At least you have the weekend to recover. I hope it's a good one. I've had to be printed at the county jail a couple of times for teaching and the adoption and it is such a hassle and a half. One time they did it right where they "book" people and I had prisoners watching me the whole time. What we go through to be moms...

  2. Hi! My name is Heather and we are just beginning the adoption process too! I am excited to follow your journey! Please stop by my blog and follow mine as well! It's so great to find other bloggers who are adopting...

    Best wishes and best of luck!