Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Letter

We working diligently on our Birthmother/Special People letter. UGH!! Karen (Evie's mom) is a huge help. She's an English teacher at heart. BTW Bristol Palin in on the news and annoying the snot out of me. Anyway.....

we're working on our letter. We have a shortened version and the long wanders into profile version. I'm at loose ends somewhat because we still haven't made a decision about private/agency/facilitator/skywriting as our method. I'd guess that most of these entities have guidelines to follow. I really don't want to start on my profile book until I know which of those directions we're going. I still can't decide between digital or handmade. As I may have mentioned I did such a horrific job picking our SW that now I'm scared to make any other decisions! We have to meet with her again on Friday. She forgot to go over some stuff with us. I wonder if that's going to cost us another $100.

There's a crib on sale at Targucci this week that I like. It converts to a toddler bed then to a full size headboard. I'm torn about that, too. If we get it we should put it together. But if it takes us two years get a baby the crib could easily get recalled between now and then. UGH!! Do you think I could think of anything else I could worry about? I'm such a dork sometimes. Keep in mind, too, that the more I blog the more I prolong working on our letter :-)


  1. Targucci? Love it!! haha

    I myself have been completely tardy with my booklet/letter. There's just something about it at the moment where I can't bring myself to deal with it. Perhaps when I get back from my trip...

    And we're all dorks sometimes; or, like me, more often than not. :)


  2. Well, if they recall it, don't you get a refund or something? Then you'd be safe!

  3. We bought our crib and I'm looking forward to getting it set up. Then's not been sitting empty in a room for months. But I didn't want to get "the call" and have to make a mad dash to a store and just grab one off the shelf or pray they had it in stock or do without for two weeks while it came in....I'd rathter it be sitting in there...waiting with me. :)

    Good luck on the letter. The best advise I got on the letter was not to think of it as a resume. They already know you are great and all that...tell them about you (hobbies, likes, traditions, etc). Hope this helps.