Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bad Economy is a Good Thing?

Mr H talked to another facilitator tonight. She said it's a weird time for adoptions because of the economy. There are fewer people who can afford to adopt and there are more BM's that can't afford to keep their offspring. So that's good for us. Isn't that awful?

The lady also said she usually has 25 couples in her pool - which is her self-imposed limit. However, she currently only has 15!

I'm getting excited again! I was in the dumps all day, too. I want someone to say to me "this is the agency/facilitator for you". Beyond that I'm willing to make all the other decisions, but this one just seems too much for me.

Mr H fell asleep writing the first paragraph of his autobiography last night. He therefore concluded that he leads a boring life. I have to say I read that first paragraph...... He might not be wrong!


  1. My facilitator has said the same thing to us. It's terrible for it to be so, but I hope that this brings us our babies that much faster/

  2. It was so difficult to decide on the adoption professional...I wanted someone to tell me who to choose too! It's overwhelming, I know. I was cracking up at your last paragraph:) I'm sure Mr. H is not boring. lol My hubby wrote most of his autobiography, but I had to go through and "re-tool" almost all of it. So, I could easily say that WE wrote it.