Friday, February 20, 2009

It's hard not to be Happy...

when good things keep happening! I bought a powerball ticket tonight I'm feeling so lucky!

We met with the social worker for our initial interview and to get the criminal background and fingerprint cards from her. It went very well. She seems like a very nice lady. She's older and is an adoptive mom herself. She's also involved in lots of visible community type things and has worked at the state level on adoption reform. She referred a couple of attorneys to us, too.

We had a gift card to Outback so went there for a cheaper dinner. While dining Mr H imparted some good news. His company met its goal so there's going to be a substantial bonus. It will go a long way to helping us with this adoption! Yay!


  1. That's great! J and I have a tradition of going out for a meal after big adoption-related events, too, because there's usually a lot to talk about and it's fun to have those discussions over a good meal. From the details you gave about your SW she sounds great! Good luck with the beaurocracy of the FBI stuff...we ended up having to visit our county jail during visitor's hours to get fingerprinted the first time...that was interesting. :)

  2. Hey Mrs. H.

    I've just been reading your blog a little bit this a.m. and I am so excited for you as you continue this process! I must say I would like to know more about you...from the sounds of your brief description, I think we have some things in common. :) I wish you peace as you continue down the road of sounds like things are going very well so far!

    (Our Journey to Parenthood)

  3. Hi Mrs H! I noticed you started "following" me and so I wandered over here, and I'm so glad. I'm excited to follow you along your journey to adoption. May it be a smooth one :)

  4. I'm a Mrs H too! lol I'm just checking out your blog too...I'm so happy when I find others to share this journey with. I'll be reading along! Best of luck to you!