Friday, February 27, 2009

Overly Sensitive?

I went and got my fingerprints done today. It was easy! I couldn't believe it. It only took about 10 minutes and cost $5 bucks. It's all done on a scan machine so there were no worries about smudges or smears.

I had a nice chat with the Officer. As we got done I commented that Mr. H and the kids would need to come in yet. He said one time there was a family he printed that was the mom, dad, and four or 5 kids they were adopting.

Then he said, "We just did it the old fashioned way."

And I replied acidly, "Well we tried but I didn't work."

"I meant the fingerprinting. We did it with ink."

I felt myself turning a little red. Sensitive anyone??


  1. That is funny! Sadly, you'll have REAL rude comments in the future, plenty of them. So this was good practice I suppose. He was probably just as embarrassed as you! My usual response when someone says or asks something that I think is a bit rude or ignorant is to say either "Why do you ask?" or "I don't understand what you mean." That puts the impetus back on them to think about what they said and either realize that they shouldn't have said it or realize that what they said could be taken the wrong way and correct themselves. If they don't back down or clarify their point then they are fair game for a snappy comeback (lots of adoption websites have lists of these and there are some doozies). Interesting (to me): when I was fingerprinted for teaching it was always with ink and for adoption it is usually electronic. I wonder why? I've been fingerprinted about 4 times for teaching and 3 times for adoption (state and federal for first homestudy and FBI update after 1 year). Don't you think the powers that be would know who I am by now?

  2. Wow, you'd think you have been at this adoption thing for a while...haha I read into all of those comments too and I bet I would have taken that particular comment the same way!! As Karen mentioned, you will hear many, many comments that are just plain ignorant. I find that the "Why do you ask?" line works really well...haven't used it that much, but I'm sure it will get a lot of use when we finally have a baby with us.

    Wow, $5 for the fingerprints?? We had to get them again for our homestudy update, even though we just had them done last year. $36 each for us!!!!

  3. How funny...glad you can laugh at it now.

  4. Having been through the fingerprint process, I find that hilarious!

  5. I needed a good laugh today! Thanks! LOL

  6. I would have done the exact same thing! Too funny!

    Here via the Roundup!

  7. Here fromt he rounfup...

    Oh my gosh! LMAO! I would have thought the same thing!!

  8. Also here from the roundup -

    Great story! Aren't you glad that you took the opportunity to "put him in his place" (or so you thought) rather than say nothing? Because otherwise you would have probably been mad about it all day without realizing that wasn't what he meant!

    It truly could have happened to any of us...

  9. funny! You gave me a great laugh. As someone who just finished a homestudy this was great. Good luck on your adoption journey.

  10. Here from the roundup - this is too funny!! Just goes to show that our minds are ALWAYS on the alert for rude comments. Take care!

  11. Here from the Roundup...

    LOL! Thanks for the laugh.

    Best wishes.

  12. I'm so glad you made it to the round-up. I loved this story!