Monday, February 16, 2009

I can't believe

We're making progress! We've engaged a person to do our home study. She's answered our emails promptly and has a personality. Of course the thought of the home study makes me nauseous especially with two teenagers in the house. I think their animosity toward us winning custody has lessened quite a bit since the trial. I hope so. I'm scared to death they will cause us to get denied.

Mr H has a physical scheduled for Friday. She was able to email us that portion of the forms so he has it and we don't have to pay two office visits.

I found the list of state licensed agencies in our state so I emailed quite a few of them today. Hopefully, we'll hear back soon and we can keep moving forward!

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  1. THIS is the part Im having trouble with- how do you find a person to do the homestudy if youre not working with a local agency?!