Friday, February 6, 2009

Slowly but surely

We are making some progress. Mr H made calls to 3 adoption attorneys and faxed a homestudy agency yesterday. I started filling out an application for an adoption facilitation facility. Some of those questions are hard! I really like the sound/statistics of this agency. I'm afraid it might fall under the "sounds to good to be true" category.

Tomorrow I'm heading out of town to see my friend K and her family. She's got a new baby I have yet to meet. He's just over 2 months old. She also has a 6 year old son and a 4 year old daughter. Strangely, being around her fertile myrtle self and her kids doesn't bother me in the least. She told another friend she was scared to tell me (and a 3rd friend of ours who's struggling with infertility) that she was pregnant AGAIN! I was so excited for her though. Her first son is probably the closest I'll ever be to pregnant. We worked together so I saw her almost every, single day of her pregnancy. I was at the hospital just before she was in labor and then a few hours after S came into the world. I'd go over and have lunch with her and the baby, too. I love him dearly.

Hopefully, Mr H will work on his answers for the facilitator this weekend while I'm gone. He'll have his hands full with the teens though. I'll be lucky to come home and find him awake and our house still standing. Our 3rd wedding anniversary is Sunday.

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  1. Our agency sounded "too good to be true" at first, too and we were likewise skeptical. Hope it is true and wonderful for you! Have fun this weekend with K and her kids...I feel the same's only random fertile people that annoy me. My friends can have kids all day long and I'll be happy for them as long as they let me hold the new baby :)