Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Birthmother....

What in the world do you say? I actually think I have a handle on it but I think it's too long and dry and boring. My goal is to get this (Mr H is helping) and our profile done then take my stinking exam over again. I missed passing by 4 - FOUR - points!! I guess that's not so bad but it still involved crying.

I can only deal with one huge life changing bit of stress at at time. Therefore, I'm concentrating on the adoption currently!

Check out my poll - I think the scrapbook would be more personal but I think the photobook would be more polished and easier to mass produce!


  1. 4 points!? That stinks! On the bright side, you are better prepared to pass it the next time you take it :)

    The Dear Birth mom letter is a toughy. Just be honest and be yourself.

  2. I think with the poll you should go with whatever represent you better. If you are an advid scrapbooker- go that route. If not, do the other.

    The words are hard to get out on paper. I think the more little things that you can get into it (little interests) the more things the birth parents will have to connect with. Make sure you add a little humor in it, too.

    THe most imp thing is to just be yourself.

  3. My biggest tip for the letter is to take time with it. It probably took 2 weeks for me to write between mulling over the organization and sending it to people for their feedback. I think best the way Einstein did (not that I'm claiming...you know...); he used to push a problem to the back of his brain and just not think about it and then the solution would float to the surface when he was doing something else. That happens to me all the time and some of the ideas and sentences for our letter came to me while I was out taking a walk or taking a shower.

  4. Check out scrapblog.com. It's the best of both worlds. :)

    I know what you mean on the birth mother letter. I was having a really hard time editing ours but I got a great suggestion from a birth mom: don't think of it as a resume where you are talking about why you would be a good parent...talk about your life and what you want to share and experience and things like that. It really shifted my thinking and I regeared our letter and our case worker loved it. We'll see if anyone else does! ;)