Friday, April 17, 2009

Picking a lawyer

We have a conference call with a top adoption lawyer today. Our SW says she gets lots of birthmom's contacting her since the word is out that she handles adoption. Also she's in a university town so I'd think that would help the size of her "pool".

We also have a lawyer friend who has heard nothing but good things about her and was very impressed we were seeking her out.

We love love love the lawyer we used during our custody trial but she doesn't do adoptions.

plodding along we are!


  1. Good luck with your lawyer appt today!

    As far as your poll, I think both really are good ideas. I voted for scrapbook - assuming you are into making scrapbooks. You can then have it laser copied to make as many copies as you need.

    We are making our profile through microsoft publisher - a program on our computer that I am very used to. Then we'll have it laser printed at kinko's, and make multiple laser copies. I guess that's like the photobook option - does that allow for narrative too?

    Anyway, I think the best answer is which medium you feel most comfortable with. If I had to learn a new program or a new skill, I would probably go insane at this point.


  2. Laser copied is a great idea! I hadn't thought of that. I figured I'd do multiple identical scrapbooks. It would just be easier to make adjustments to the photobook types. Yes, they allow for text which is another bonus since I have horrific handwriting! I usually can't read my own notes!

    The lawyer had to reschedule. Guess they'd been trying to call us for two weeks but evidently Mr H doesn't check voicemail much. ANNOYED!! Now it's scheduled for the 23rd.