Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kids' Interviews II - OMGOSH~

I cannot believe it! The SW just up and left when she was done talking to C. I had taken N to soccer practice. I was gone 15 min. I yelled hello when I got back . I put stuff on the dining room table (they were in the Living room). I THREW the dog toy into the living room. The dog chased after it.

20 min later I hear the front door shut. I thought, hmm maybe she and C went outside so C could show her something. About 5 min later I think it's awfully quiet. I go and check. C's shoes are here. The SW's car is gone. She just left. I didn't pay her. We didn't reconfirm my appt for next week. I go talk to C. They didn't think I was here so she left.

I cannot believe it!


  1. In her defense maybe she didn't want to give you an opportunity to ask her what the kids said? Not that they said anything terrible, but just that she didn't want to get into a conversation with you about it because she had another home she needed to get to early? :)

  2. Another home to get to early! That's hilarious! Yesterday she made a point of telling Mr. H I would need to pay her today.


  3. This is just weird. I think your plan to have your study reviewed may be a good one. Sorry that the homestudy - which is naturally so stressful - has been made worse by the s/w. :-(

  4. I agree. That is strange!

  5. Yes, very weird that she would leave like that. Have you had a chance to talk with her since that day?

  6. This woman sounds crazy! I'm sorry she is making the process so painful...goodness. It'll be over soon...just keep breathing. :)