Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From one stress to another

Yesterday I failed my professional licensing exam. Friday is our homestudy safety/meet the kids visit. Today Merry Maids arrived. I had them clean everything except our bedroom and the kids' rooms. I had the kids work on that over the weekend.

I've spent today working on our adoption website/birth mother letter/profile and in between cleaning our DISGUSTING bedroom. I have no idea why my dog is NOT bald! The dust oh my gosh the dust. It's nauseating. I have one of those bagless vacuums. I grew up in the 80's GAG ME WITH A SPOON! I just don't think I can vacuum any more tonight.

Oh and I got to go to the bank and pull out our insurance policies and mortgage agreement for the SW to look at.

Then I looked at the wall coming down from the upstairs. Grubby hand prints of teenagers. Too bad I don't have time to repaint it. I hate to paint. Plus it's in the foyer so the wall is like 20' high (only painting part of it would look like crap)(I mean worse crap than it currently does).

Does everyone get this psycho before the first home visit??


  1. I took down all the shelves, pictures, and anything else on the walls in our house....moved ALL the furniture was a month long prep process. :) So yes-you aren't the only one. :) I did all that and then our SW never left the living room. Oh well...the important thing is that you have a roof over your head. The rest is gravy. Good luck!

  2. Short answer...YES! Everyone does go psycho before the first home visit :) You'll do great.

    Sorry about the exam :(

  3. Sorry about the exam :(
    I know I will be feeling just like you- but I dont have teenagers so I will just be neurotic for no reason... lol. At least if something is not perfect you have the fall back excuse... teenagers! Everyone knows theyre hard to keep clean ;)
    From everything Ive read though (and that has been many o'hours...) everyone says its no big deal and its not a cleanliness inspection, but rather a sanitary check.

  4. Why, yes... yes, I got psycho before the first visit. I was manic. I read that the SW doesn't care that the house is perfect, but you still want to make that good first impression. She just took the $2 tour, for all the trouble, just making sure there was room, that it was passably clean, with fire detectors, etc.

    But I was really strung out... and I know the SW through work! She's not a stranger to me, and I still went nuts! Go figure. :)

    Hang in there, it'll go fast... and then afterward go for a pitcher of beer and pizza like DH and I did , a regression to our hockey days. It had been that nutty of a week.

    And I'm sorry about the test. *HUGS*

  5. I did stress the first time, but this time I didn't too much. The SW just wants to make sure it's a decent environment for raising children so the smoke detectors and such are a big deal, but a grimy table top would probably go unnoticed. I was more angry that I as a potential adoptive parent I had to sort of prove myself, but the average person just has se.x and gets pregnant.